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Oakville Ontario Catering

Oakville Ontario Catering

Catering has various styles to match varying reception events. The styles set the tone of the event, to avoid mixing themes in all areas of the conference. Read more to find the catering style that suits your attendees.

Cooperate catering

Cooperate catering depends on the level of the function and the estimated or calculated number of attendees. They may range from small gatherings to more glamorous dinner settings. Some firms are open to having an open bar, while others prefer to include a non-alcoholic drinking setup.

The leading quality of cooperate events is that it will be relaxed and elegant. Sonia has experience catering to all types of receptions, hence will keep your cooperate event within its thematic element. You can work with the team to customize different areas to create a perfect blend with the event’s central message. It is important to note that some offices will have caterings within their buildings not to mark a celebration, but to motivate their staff.

Wedding catering

Wedding caterings are some of the most common forms. They are fancier and have a vibrant and soft tone. Wedding receptions are, however, bound to have a wide variation because of the different demands by clients.

The wedding’s menu ought to have diversity for the various tastes of the guests. Food and wine is a massive part of creating a memorable event for the bride and groom. Get an Oakville Ontario catering service that understands how to work with all planners of the event, no matter the variation of venue, attendees, and personal preferences.

Social event catering

These parties can include many celebration themes. Social events include the following circumstances:

  • Birthdays
  • Baby showers
  • Bridal showers
  • Engagement parties
  • Anniversary celebrations

Due to the small size of these events, our Oakville Ontario catering service will take into account the specific dietary preferences and allergies. We will work with the host to emphasize the intimacy of the event using color, smell, taste, and the cultural setup.

Concession catering

Concession events usually have a large gathering and do not have the intimacy of social events nor the stiffness of a corporate reception.  These include sports events, music concerts, political arenas, and other communal assemblies. Our cultural catering business adapts to such settings by adding more favored food choices. It makes sense to have a fast food bar with Pizza than home-cooked meals for the music concert.

Food truck catering

These receptions deviate from concession catering because one has to cater to small outdoor events. They have minimal staff to prepare and serve. The food assortment includes simple meals to fancy ones, depending on the event’s nature and the customer’s demands.

Restaurant catering

The restaurant may recommend one of their best caterers to service an event within their premises. This option will be more comfortable in management because the restaurant will provide resources such as cutlery and table clothing. The setup allows the caterer to work with a more advanced menu and provide and beautiful structure without much stress about other aspects of the setup.


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