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Celery Allergy

Celery Allergy

At McClean Meats, we provide the healthiest and tastiest food around. Making sure every bit of food is healthy and up to standard is a job we do with pleasure. Celery allergy affects more people each year, and we understand that someone must do something about that.

What causes allergy to celery?

Most of those who are allergic to celery are also allergic to pollen. They suffer from pollen food syndrome, and, unfortunately, proteins in some raw vegetables and fruits are similar to these pollens. The main problem associated with celery extracts is the large number of nitrites embedded in them. Processed meats contain preservatives and nitrites obtained from celery extracts, which have negative outcomes on the body.

Our products are entirely organic, preservative-free, and very healthy. We do not dope our animals with antibiotics or growth hormones. They grow, live, and eat in a healthy and free environment that we maintain according to certain standards.

Healthy food

The quality of the food we eat is essential to our continued wellbeing and optimal development. This is why our company’s aim is simple – promote healthy food standards, and provide the best products on the market. Most importantly, we exclude all allergens from our products. This includes soy, dairy, and gluten.

Instead, we focus on delivering food rich in healthy proteins that will provide a good boost to your body. Instead of replacing the regular preservatives with celery extracts, we prefer not using preservatives at all. Believe it or not, our meat-based products and deli snacks contain no preservatives at all. We recommend you read our products’ labels and related information on our website!

Cultured celery extracts

Cultured celery extracts often become a staple preservative method for meat products, instead of the traditional sodium nitrite. However, these celery extracts contain just as much or even more nitrites than the meat products preserved with sodium nitrite. We forego the use of preservatives because we want you to eat healthily!

In the fight against allergies, we believe we’ve made fantastic progress in avoiding to use all known allergens. Celery allergy is among the issues we’ve successfully handled using organic food ingredients and safe food maintenance standards. If you want a better life where you and your family get more nutrients from your food, we’re the ideal solution for that. Use our products to promote a healthy lifestyle for your own future!

What happens when you’re allergic to celery?

Celery allergy manifests in similar ways to other allergies – you get rashes, potential asthma, anaphylaxis, and dermatitis. People allergic to celery would do better to avoid eating products with celery extracts. Unfortunately, this includes many meat products which often use these extracts as preservatives.

You should have access to natural and organic products that make you healthy instead of giving you a rash. This rationale led us, at McLean Meats, to provide a helping hand to the food industry. We raise our own animals in humane and healthy conditions and deliver you fresh, healthy, and preservative-free meat products.

Celery Allergy
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Celery Allergy